Your project

We deliver masterfully executed web and mobile applications for our clients by striking the perfect balance between employing top NYC talent as well as remote freelancers, bringing down your cost yet maintaining the highest quality.

About us What do We do

We will help you plan your technological strategy and execute it, bringing your project from concept to production and beyond.


We will help you plan your project, research the technologies best suited for it, and create the action plan.

Design & Develop

We will help you design your app in the way that is most appealing to your intended crowd. Our cross functional team will take it all the way to completion.

Test & Deploy

We will develop a testing strategy, continuous integration plan and even help you test your website / mobile app with your users. Using tools such as A/B testing we will make the necessary changes to maximize conversion.

Maintain & Consult

We can help you deploy and plan for exponential growth by designing a scaling plan and provide technical consultation as your online business grows and its needs change.